When you hire our studio space the below contract will be sent to you for digital signing. Please ensure you can adhere to the terms before locking in your studio hire.


Agreement for Studio Hire

This Agreement is made between:


a.    Epic Photography PTY LTD, the Providerweus, or our; and

b.    The Hireryou or your;


Our Responsibilities

1.    For the period detailed in the invoice and in consideration of payment of said invoice, we will make available to you the Studio at Level 1, 15 Simmons Street, South Yarra and any additional equipment included in the invoice.

Your Responsibilities

2.    You must:

  1. Pay a non-refundable booking fee equal to half the total invoice to secure the date(s);
  2. pay the remainder of the invoice and provide remittance on or before the day before your Hire date;
  3. pay in full within 7 days for any damage, loss or theft of any item within or attached to the building caused by you or your guests or resulting from your use of the Space;
  4. use the space including shared spaces at all times in a reasonable manner and respectful of those who share the space;
  5. whilst in our space conduct yourself and your business in a legal, moral and reputable way;
  6. whilst in our space conduct yourself and your business in a way that does not unreasonably interfere with any other occupiers of the space or their visiting clients;
  7. take responsibility for your own insurance including equipment and public liability where necessary or appropriate;
  8. notify us as soon as practicable of any damage or maintenance required to any of the building or equipment, whether caused by you or pre-existing;
  9. leave the studio and cyclorama in a clean, tidy condition and take bulky rubbish with you. ($100 +gst fee applies otherwise)

3.    You must not unless otherwise agreed in writing:

  1. In any way touch or mark the cyclorama wall or curve in Studio 1;
  2. block or interfere with our right of possession and control of the property;
  3. obstruct access to or within the property;
  4. use the Space, utilities or Internet beyond what can be reasonably expected of your disclosed business operations;
  5. park your vehicle in any of our car spaces except for the designated one directly in front of our door ($100 +gst fee applies otherwise);
  6. change the space or carry out any works in or to the space;
  7. cause any nuisance or inconvenience to us or any occupiers of the space;
  8. do anything that may bring the Space or its occupiers into disrepute;
  9. do anything in the Space that creates a danger to any other person;
  10. cause any damage to the Space or any furnishings or equipment within;

4.    Where you are more than one natural or legal person, your liability is joint and several.

5.    Any breach of this Agreement by your staff, clients or guests will be considered a breach by you.

6.    You indemnify us from and against all costs, losses, claims and demands arising out of any breach by you of the terms of this Agreement.

7.     You agree to pay the costs of righting any breach by you of this agreement.

8.    Any notice by us to you will be sufficiently served by email.

9.    This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted according to the law of Victoria, Australia.