Studio 2: Easy Set Creation for Fashion and Portraits

Choose your backdrop, flooring and props and set up in minutes

Welcome to Studio 2 at Epic Studios, your premier destination for fashion lifestyle photography in Melbourne. Our newly renovated space is meticulously designed by professional fashion photographers to cater to the dynamic and varied needs of ecommerce fashion clients, offering an unparalleled, versatile studio environment where creativity meets efficiency.

Studio 2 Features

Build Your Own Sets:

Diverse Wall Backdrops

Discover the perfect setting for your shoot with our four unique, built-in wall backdrops. Each backdrop is designed to offer a distinct aesthetic, allowing for a wide range of creative possibilities:

  • Plain White Wall: Of course the essential element of any studio – the plain white wall. This wall is on wheels and can be used anywhere in the studio.
  • Rendered Concrete Wall: Perfect for adding an urban-meets tuscan vibe to your shoot. Its textured surface plays with light and shadow, providing a warm, dimensioned background for soft, classy images. Wide enough for landscape shooting also.
  • White Wainscoting Wall: Ideal for classic and elegant themes. This backdrop adds a touch of sophistication and is versatile enough for a broad spectrum of styles, from modern chic to traditional. Also wide enough for landscape shooting.
  • Timber Paling Wall: Brings a rustic charm to your photos. It’s excellent for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, suitable for casual wear, outdoor gear, and more.
  • Grey Thin Timber Strip Panel Wall: Offers a sleek and contemporary backdrop, perfect for minimalist aesthetics or when you want your fashion pieces to take center stage.

Interchangeable Vinyl Flooring

Elevate your shoot with our interchangeable vinyl flooring options. These floors can be mixed and matched with our wall backdrops for complete scene transformations:

  • Assorted Textures & Colors: Choose from a variety of textures and colors to match the mood and style of your shoot. From sleek and modern to warm and rustic, find the perfect ground to stand your models on.

Full Prop Room Included in Hire Price!

Enhance your photographs with our full prop room, stocked with items to add life and context to your shoots:

  • Furniture: Chairs, stools, and side tables in various styles.
  • Decor: Vases, candles, plants, and more to add those finishing touches.
  • Versatility: Props are selected to complement a wide range of styles and themes, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

We will continue adding to our prop collection and flooring options. Feel free to make requests!

Why Choose Studio 2 for Your Fashion Lifestyle Shoots?

  • Controlled Environment: Say goodbye to the unpredictability of outdoor shoots. Our studio offers a controlled, private space with perfect lighting conditions, regardless of the weather outside.
  • Versatility: With multiple backdrops and a wide selection of props included in the hire price, transitioning between different looks and themes is seamless and efficient.
  • Convenience: Everything you need is in one place, reducing the need for location shoots and minimizing setup time.
  • Cost-Effective: Studio 2 offers a budget-friendly alternative to location shooting, with all the amenities to achieve high-end results.


All images created in Studio 2 with props included in hire price

Photographer: Mark Fitzgerald | Model: Amelie Cole-Sinclair

Who is this studio for?

You will get the most out of this studio if you belong to the following categories:

  • Fashion Photographers

  • Content Creators

  • Production managers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Model Portfolio Photographers
  • Fashion Brands

  • Portrait Photographers

  • Product Photographers
  • PR Agencies
  • Model Agencies
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Epic Studios: The Ultimate Choice for Fashion Brands, Portrait Sessions, and Model Portfolio Photography

In the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant creative district, Epic Studios stands as a beacon for fashion brands, photographers, and models seeking an unparalleled location for their photography needs. With our state-of-the-art facilities, versatile spaces, and commitment to quality, we’ve crafted the perfect environment for fashion shoots, portrait sessions, and building model portfolios. Here’s why Epic Studios is your go-to destination for capturing stunning visuals that speak volumes.

Unmatched Versatility for Every Concept

Our studio’s versatility is unmatched, offering an array of backdrops and settings to bring any vision to life. From the chic simplicity of our white wainscoting wall to the urban edge of the rendered concrete backdrop, our diverse range of scenes caters to a broad spectrum of styles and themes. Fashion brands will find endless inspiration in our meticulously designed spaces, ideal for creating captivating campaigns, lookbooks, and editorial content.

Controlled Environment for Flawless Results

One of the most significant advantages of shooting at Epic Studios is the controlled environment it offers. Say goodbye to the unpredictability of outdoor shoots; our studio’s lighting and ambiance can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of your project. This control ensures consistent, flawless results across your entire shoot, crucial for fashion photography where every detail matters.

A Prop Room That Elevates Your Shoot

Our full prop room is a treasure trove of accessories that can elevate any shoot. With an array of chairs, stools, side tables, vases, candles, and plants at your disposal, adding those final touches to create a compelling narrative has never been easier. For fashion brands, this means the ability to showcase their collections in a variety of styled settings, enhancing the visual appeal of their merchandise. Portrait sessions and model portfolios also benefit immensely from this versatility, allowing for a personalized touch that truly captures the essence of the subject.

Ideal for Building Stunning Model Portfolios

For models looking to build or update their portfolios, Epic Studios offers a dynamic range of backdrops and lighting setups to showcase versatility and depth in their work. Our studio provides a professional and creative space for capturing a series of high-quality images that stand out to agencies and clients alike.

Designed With Fashion Brands in Mind

Epic Studios has been designed with a deep understanding of the fashion industry’s needs. Our space is not just a studio; it’s a collaborative environment where creativity flourishes. Fashion brands can execute everything from product launches to seasonal shoots with full confidence in achieving their desired outcome. Our studio’s aesthetic flexibility makes it easy to align with your brand identity, ensuring that each photograph is not just a picture but a statement.

The Perfect Setting for Portrait Sessions

Portrait photography thrives in a setting that can adapt to the uniqueness of each subject. Epic Studios offers just that – a space where individuals’ stories are told through compelling visuals. Whether it’s for professional headshots, family portraits, or artistic endeavors, our studio provides a backdrop that complements the subject while highlighting their best features.

Why Choose Epic Studios?

Choosing Epic Studios means partnering with a team dedicated to making your vision a reality. Our studio is not only about providing a space. It’s about offering an experience – one where service, quality, and creativity converge to produce exceptional photographic outcomes. For fashion brands, portrait sessions, and models, Epic Studios represents a partnership that elevates your visual content to extraordinary heights.

Discover why countless professionals and brands have chosen Epic Studios for their photography needs. Visit us and let your creativity unfold in Melbourne’s premier photography studio, where every shoot is an opportunity to create something truly epic.

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